two days after my last post, Lisbeth West sent me the following.

Who tiptoes doesn't standwho strides doesn't walkwho watches himself doesn't appearwho displays himself doesn't flourishwho flatters himself achieves nothingwho parades himself doesn't leadon the road they saytoo much food and a tiring pacesome things are simply badthus the Taoist shuns them
daodejing #24translated by Red Pine

I want to make myself an empty room:Quiet whitewashed walls with slant sunshineAnd a fresh breeze through open windows.

Some days are extremely fluid, and all possible course of action are equally attractive. Rather than do something arbitrary, it is far better to empty oneself completely. Then the more subtle currents of life may be felt. One should avoid the mistake of random action.Arbitrary action will most likely be out of accord with the times. It is artificial, a structure that we impose from our own thought. Such movements are invariably stilted and wooden, they do not have the fresh perfection of the natural.We do not have enough peace. Yet peace with never be attained by perpetual action. Stirred water never has the chance to settle clear. A tree buffeted by winds can never grow straight. Give up all unnecessary activity. Give up all arbitrary actions. Make yourself receptive. The peace that you seek shall be quickly at hand.


Rowan said…
can I join you?