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Weather Report

The weather. A small example of where to start. In my youth, the local weatherman told us what to expect for today and maybe tomorrow. No computer models. We were all weather content. Unlike today, where we are provided with seven to ten day forecasts, we've been surprised by over a foot of snow when no one saw it coming. The weather report encourages people to go out and buy, buy, buy. In the old days, we thought nothing of it.

A small example of "Where to start."

I'm referring to the word "believe." A close examination of the items we find stuck in our heads as "truth" and  what we "believe in" is frail. Creationism or Evolution, so? Nice to develop a theory or something to give meaning. Yet, it accomplishes? The study of dinosaurs and early man and carbon dating and history gathered from different cultures creates clarity or some great museums?

Things labeled as altruistic, or charitable or helping you work for your salvation. You kn…

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