Happy Valentine's day!!!!

Yeah, yeah, I know. Hallmark day. Just a bunch of crap to make us spend money that we don't have.

But that's one man's opinion. Could it be that some dolts NEED specially marked holidays to have them stop and acknowledge their honeys?

For me, its different. You see, this week, (2/17) the Lady and me got married. TWENTY-NINE YEARS AGO. That's right. You heard it right. And most of my good buds have been married for as long or longer than we. We think the same thoughts at the same time. We are comfortable and have fun together. As I write, we are for the second time in our years together, in deep financial straights. Hand to mouth. A struggle to eat, to heat, to keep our heads above water. And you know what? I'm as happy as a murder of crows.

The Lady and I met at bible study. A few years later, we found ourselves living in the same house. I paid her little notice. She will tell you that she knew we would get married after one our first meetings some years earlier. We met again at a summer revival camp and sparks began to fly. We lived in and attended an Evangelist's home for the training and support of Licensed and Ordained Minister's of the Gospel. It was here that we sealed the deal. I moved back home to Massachusetts to find a job and settle a place for us until she could join me.

We married and had four children. The oldest two are boys, the younger two, girls. Our path has been as winding and high jumping as a motor cross. As I counsel others; when its good, it's GREAT! When its bad, Man does it FUCKING SUCK!!!!!

We won a free overnight stay at a huge Sheraton during the 2005 Labor Day car show. We will use this on 2/17 to get away. A little wine, a little, uh-huh.......It is times such as these that I am glad that she won't let me take on more wives.


Loralee Choate said…
And here I was going to suggest a move to Utah, Tim!


Congrats to you and the Lady (I love that title, BTW) on surviving and still being able to find joy in each other.
capegirl said…
yes it could be that some dolts need specially marked holidays and some don't even bother then, you know. congrats to you and the lovely lady on weathering the storms for so long and still uh-huhing to boot :) write me you fool.
Tim said…
Ah.....some of my favorite candidates for future wives....:>)

The weekend is working out too well. Going to see a band tonite, one of whom we know and has toured with some of the great ones. We have tickets to see one of our fave Celtic bands;
on saturday with the hotel only miles away. We are days away from zero heat. Nada. Shit the bed kind of trouble! But the tax refund came in the knick of time. Whew!!!
Anonymous said…
yay! money! music! you and the lady! :)

will she accept your 2 extra wives, i wonder? lol
"James" said…

We don't really celebrate Valentines Day. We like to show our love for each other through out the year and especially on each other's birthdays.
Loralee Choate said…


Hey, I just fond out Loreena Mckennit is FINALLY touring again! She's coming to Salt Lake in May and I thought I would pass out from the excitement. I am so going.

Now if I could just get October Project back together. Sigh.
The Phoenix said…
A little uh-huh is always good.
Tim said…
Loreena back on tour? Cool.
October Project...another great band...Rubik - you're way, way cool. (((*)))
Rowan said…
Before we were married, we used to celebrate feb. 14 because it was the anniversary of our first date. cliche huh? now though, we each forgot it was valentines day and not so much as a nod in its direction. was it just me or did the radios, tv ads and newspapers keep it really low key this year
Jess said…
i know i am wayyyy late, but congratulations.