Muddy Waters

Have you ever seen a glass of muddy water, stirred and stirred until the glass is a mass of swirling soil, darkening the whole of the glass contents?

Leaving the glass to settle, the mud will settle to the bottom. It is still there. Everpresent. To say it is not so is fictitious. Coming to a place where you are able to accept it's presense, when you stop trying to play the game of self - fix.

Everyone wants to play in clean drink from it.

How often the truth of a situation lies so close that we are blind to it. Now that I've alienated all of my readers and fellow bloggers by my muddied water, swirling round, round, round....It is time to regain the cushion. As the Zen Master said, "through good times and bad, just sit."

It will not pay my bills. Get me a better job. Heal my family. Stop the lies of government and the corruption of capitalist/imperilist businesses that keep the world turning towards its demise.

It will create clarity, lessen hostility, and return me back to a state of Tao; Buddhist insight. Wu Wei.



Rowan said…
ya havne't scared me away, but interesting visualization....I've never thought of things this way before.
Tim said…
I find it highly interesting....that of all of the bloggers and buddhists (and a few Taoists) that I confer with, everyone has run off. I know that I have been a wet blanket. So, what the fuck? Life is not the Pepsi generation. It has blood and guts and loads of secrets that everyone tries to hide. Ah...but This Being Human.... THIS is what it is all about.......We are complex. We are all faulted when we compare ourselves to the "ideal" of what we "should" be.
Bert said…
I'm still here, Tim :)