Minding Mind....

I was accompanied this morning by crows, geese and low level fog. It was decided that I should leave early this morning while everyone slept. We said our goodbyes over some wine and a few laughs.

My hermitage appears to be the result of some manic decision making but I am assured by those that know me best that I could never be described as manic. Nor could it be said that I have made many rash decisions. No, my leaving home for this extended period, off alone in a secluded cabin, is the natural progression of my journey's path.

Tomorrow will bring forth the first full day of autumn. It is also a new moon. A mixture of Thoreau, Bodidarma and a few Taoist hermits calls me to this. When it is cold and the snow is too deep to allow me to resupply, will I regret this? Sure. Unlike the aforementioned, I do have electricity and internet access. I have my pipe and a load of tobacco. But my true aspiration is to spend time in deep meditation and reflection. To cultivate internal energy. To return to the Tao.

Let's see where we go!!!!

PS - if anyone comes by and reads this...don't hesitate to click on the google adds. Any drop in the bucket is greatly appreciated.


Bert said…
Nice Tim!

btw, clicked your adds ;)
Rowan said…
glad to see you are safe and back. I think maybe you have the cycles of manic depression, but your lows maybe go so much lower than the highs....I just know that bipolars have cycles of ups and downs....depressives are in the low state eternally.