It's true that the root of human suffering is based upon desire and aversion. How often we fill our present moments with thought of desiring one thing or with aversion to another!

As Maslow points out, we have very simple needs leading up to a sense of self actualization.

What happens when our physiological bottom is threatened and we find that providing for ourselves and for those we are responsible for is an ongoing, daily activity that consumes our thoughts?

What happens when we feel that our safety is threatened. That keeping our home of 25 years is also an all consuming thought activity?

What happens when we have lost all sense of friends, family and community?

What happens when self esteem is non existent.

Are we one step closer to enlightenment? To freedom? To real self actualization?


{illyria} said…
i'm still stuck at "safety."

hey, love. xx.
Rowan said…
I'm at belonging stage myself.
I have few friends (if any) and sometimes I'd like to trade in my family.