Hanging tomatoes not so sweet afterall

Spring arrived and she couldn't wait to plant grape tomatoes in my hanging garden. We excitedly checked the plants daily until the small green tomatoes formed from the tiny yellow flowers. Green Beans that were planted at the base came early. We ate them raw. We steamed them. This was great! So the day finally arrived where the very first grape tomato was ready and Brielle had the honors.
Unfortunately, it wasn't quite what she expected. Her face and mouth screnched up in horror at the taste.
"I don't like grape tomatoes", she said. And promptly, in a very unlady like gesture, spit it out.
But she still loves to pick them. And the early girls too.
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Mike Golch said…
I use to have a graden when I was younger.I enjoyed growing the different things like green beans tomatoes,ect.It a was at a city school community garden. by the time I got stuff home I had enjoyed some of the stuff I had just picked.
Manly Hugs and God's Blessing and love to you and your family.Mike G. said that!(It's my A.A.thing)
jess said…
so did the hanging garden suck? or brielle just doesn't dig tomatoes? my kids don't like tomatoes at all, yet they dip food in insane amounts of ketchup, love spaghetti and tomato soup. can i get a wtf??
Thanks for the cute story. It reminds me of my daughter when she was little. We grew some tomatoes in a pot on the roof of our apartment building and brought the pot in when it started getting cold out. She loved picking the tomatoes as they got ripe. She was just a toddler at the time, so your post brought back some warm memories. Thanks!
Tim said…
I used to have a big garden Mike, until I got ill and injured. From 1986 til 93, I had to let the garden along with many other things grow over; fill in.I hope that next year, I will draw up a 5' by 20' raised bed.
Jess...you radical, you! A libertarian, in UTAH? And no, the hanging tomatoes are awesome. Brielle's anticipation was all shot to hell by the taste. But she still loves to watch them and pick them!
Jean..you're so welcome...
I'm with Brielle, tomatoes aren't my favorite things but they are pretty.