New moon and the Autumnal Equinox -

A fictional iter itineris

New beginnings, new moon. The time of harvest, the slowing of life, a time of introspection.
....Also on this self same day, it is the Lady's birthday.

I, we, the timing, as if it were, has produced a journey. I will be leaving the homestead for a time. I will open the door and head into the woods for a winter hermitage. I will, thanks to technology and my desire to continue doing so, continue this blog.


Rowan said…
oh wow! a nice bright new look eh?
Bert said…
Idd, a fresh look and a blow out at the mountains, I think it's just what you need, Tim!
ghostie alix said…
happy belated birthday to the Lady!

a respite - how refreshing! i find myself longing for just that every morning that comes too soon.

i don't come 'round as often, but i do check in on you from time to time. keep on keeping on, tao.
be well.
Loralee Choate said…
Happy Birthday, Lady!

And thank goodness you will still blog! I like havin' you around.