The house is rustic. A throwback to an earlier time. The property borders a thickly wooded area where fishercats to deer enter their property line in search of food. "Chick" is a man of an unidentifiable age and is missing many of his teeth. It is his heart that shows through though. Chick and his wife live life simply and are looking forward to a time when they can invite us over for fresh venison, homemade apple sauce and biscuits.
We gathered for small feast of roast pork, salads and appetizer. All washed down with a few cold beers, I might add. Two other couples joined us at Chick' home. I've known Jon since junior high school. I've known his wife for a few years less. Another couple completed the afternoon. We too have been acquaintances for about twenty five years.
On 9/26, Jon's wife will receive a kidney from the wife of the last couple. They have been friends for most of their lives and she is a perfect match. What a gift! What a change it will make in the life of Jon's wife.
We closed the day with well wishes and drove through the early autumn air towards home. Past the road to my silent brother's home. Past the place where a mother and daughter flew off the highway bridge during the week, losing their lives upon the impact from the road below. Past the street where my parents once lived and raised their children. Past the road where they are buried.

Today, we went to the Garlic Festival. Dar Williams was kind enough to donate her time to help raise money for Seeds of Solidarity

The Lady, my two daughters and my youngest daughter's boyfriend attended. The youngest tells me that we should sell our home and move west into the "valley" and turn into hippies. I'd love to.

I'm not sure where, or if, I lost my way. Life was simple and appreciating it came easier.


Loralee Choate said…
I can't imagine being able to dontate an organ to someone. One of my best friends died waiting for a heart/lung. I tried to donate my sons organs but could not and I was devestated about it.

I think that woman is amazing.

I've always wanted to go to a Garlic festival since finding out about the one in Gilroy, CA.