self appraisel

Sometimes I wonder how others view me. I have many hits on my blog but few comments. I think, is my topic uncommentable? Disinteresting? Am I unlikeable? How am I viewed?
I look forward to comments as they generate several responses from me
1) I don't feel so isolated
2) I learn from the views of others
3) I meet new and interesting people
so...............leave some comments! Will ya!!!!!!


alix said…
i'm sorry...i'll be a more polite visitor in the future. i'm still trying to get the hang of incorporating some new stops. :o) but this is a good one. it rips away the artificial separation of gender, age, life's good to read that i'm not alone...
justrose said…
i really like your blog, your perspective is fresh and authentic and engaging, but i don't always comment ... i guess for me i get shy about commenting. hard to believe, huh?
Larry said…
I've enjoyed your Blog ever since I discovered it!
Now, if I could just get people to read and comment on mine!

Scrambled Eggs
Lost said…
I try to comment on most of the entries, honest I do.