Oh, that smell.

I baked beans on Saturday morning. I used to bake them in the cold weather and through the winter but stopped in my attempts to lower my carb intake and keep a tighter reign on my blood sugar levels.
I own three bean pots the biggest being four quarts. It's a simple recipe using yellow eye beans, which I prefer. They were, as usual, very good. So, we ate them for supper. Went out to the sportsman's club and had more when we returned. Had some for breakfast Sunday morning and later that night again for supper. We finished them up for breakfast this morning.
Well, I can't describe the amount of flatulence the Lady and I experienced. Last night I had to open the window ( we are having the coldest May on record) and pointed my butt in the window's direction. We lit a little more incense around the house, more than normal hoping that the excess methane wouldn't cause a flash fire or backdraft.
I took the Lady to the "Turtle" for a burger and a few beers as it was movie night. When we arrived home, I was surprised to hear her say that it was too bad the beans were gone. They WERE that good. Taking beano seems wrong but when eating that amount of baked beans in a three day period, perhaps I should consider it. Stinky decision, eh?


Lost said…
Ahhhh there is nothing better than home made beans! Sooooo much better than canned. Hmmmm I have a crock pot, how hard is it to make them?
Lost said…
Btw Tim thank you so much for your words of support, you have no idea how much it helps to have to someone really tell me I'm not alone. Thank you.
Rowan said…
Hello! I have been trying to acclimatize myself to your blog (I can here via Lost's) and I found this post to be profound.

I am only 26 years old, going on 40 (as I always say). I am a close friend IRL of Losts. I have "significant depression" and I am always battling it. I think it has always been there from birth, but its only been given a name for me in the last 6 years or so. Your flow of written speech is even similar to my own, I recognized it immediately....you might as well be writing for me. Don't get me wrong, I am only 26 but I have LIVED.

Sometimes, I imagine that those that have lived a life and saw it with open eyes absorb everything they see, feel, touch - including others lives. When there is more bad (at times) than good, I imagine that we start to overflow with emotion and then it becomes all that we are - more than feel. If you asked anyone who knew me well, they would tell you my wish for my epitaph would be "She who was happiest when she was sad". This would be because it has been my creative/emotional outlet, whereby most of the time....I am depressed, physically, mentally, or simply angry without expression, without a cause. Just free floating, just beneath the surface anxious depression. To express it sometimes feel devine, melancholy is welcomed because it's something (rather than nothing). I sometimes think I'm losing it because maybe I haven't dealt with things that I thought were long-since complete. I think you are closer to the truth. YOur blog has offered me a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dismal landscape.

Interesting: you are a writer, I've always aspired to be, you had a "strange" family (as far as I can tell), as had I, you have depression as do I, you had children as did I, you question things as do I and we both seem to have a religious background, plus, I've always thought my own beliefs (that I've come to accept on my own) most resemble a buddhist traditon. I have been afraid to study this more through a church or whatnot as I am not Asian and felt I'd be considered out of place. What could you tell me-if anything?
Tim said…
Lost...if you would like, I'll e mail you the recipe. It's easy and they are very good. Just watch out for the aftermath!
Rowan - there are those that I often refer to as having "old souls". It would appear that the accumaltive wisdom and burden of knowing the press of many lives makes for a creative melancholy. The trick is, how do you harness this instead of being tied up by it. Send me your e mail address. I'll be glad to discuss some of this further.
Lost said…
Email me that recipe, man. I can't wait to try it out.