Sacred Cows

There is a degree in comfort in owning a few sacred cows. It lends comfort. We believe in our sacred cow and will never allow ourselves or others to question their sacredness. To commit to something greater than ourselves lessens our degree of responsibility. Instead of self responsibility, we cling to the ideas of a person we like, to the ideals of a political party, to our definition of ourselves. We hold fast to a view only because it's decribed along side a label we have clung to. We cling to an ideal without ever really examining it
It is easier to have our sacred cow remain a security blanket. Ah, the human need to belong. It's a well understood psychological trait used by the advertising world, the military, and any other machine dedicated to self regeneration. Happy employees of Enron with the corporate logo on their cups and shirts don't feel so secure now.
People either are capable of thinking for themselves, or they are not. The machine places it's trust in the hope that they cannot, or will not. And often, I agree.


justrose said…
this was exactly what i needed to read today, thanks. you often do that! preempt precisely what i'm thinking about, but manage to express it in such a way that gives it words when i can't. thanks.
Rowan said…
After my dream, you've managed to give me something more to think about...thanks, it's a welcomed distraction.