Old Volks

As you have seen, I am now driving a 1973 Type 14 Karmenn Ghia to the local car shows. It's a fun time as we see cars we forgot existed, talk cars and swap stories...generally, just hang out, bullshit, drink beer.
3o years ago (yes, I am that old - go figure) I owned a VW squareback brought back from Germany with a soldier who was stationed there in the late 60's. The speedometer was in kilometers and the style was much different than the backs in the st8's.
With the size 15 Michilenn (sp?) tires it held the road well. During one off road trip with three other guys, we exited an old cart road and proceeded at full speed down a paved road we encountered. The road turned into down hill run that looped tightly to the right. Too tight and filled with road sand. It was obvious that we were about to slide over the sand and be tossed into the roadside trees. In a spontaneous act of brillance (desperation) I threw in the clutch, pulled up the e-brake and pulled the wheel to the left. We spun a full 360 around the corner and exited past the sand, all straightened out, and with the clutch out and the brake released we continued as though nothing had ever happened. I looked like a driving genius.
I was dumb ass lucky. Good tires make up for dumb driving everytime. I'll tell you about my motorcycle story sometime. Tires saved me there too!


alix said…
that must've been quite a rush! LOL