All the world's a stage.........

.........and all the men and woman are merely players; They have all their exits and entrances...

The Players:

my wife's brother
and her sister
my wife
my son
my daughter
my niece
my sister
and dozens of extras!

A slice of my life....wife's brother calls. I am the trustee of a little bit of $$ for him. He is 42 and is what they call today, special needs. 42 going on 15. So you know what that means. Last summer he met a girl and went into arrears on rent, electricity, etc... the things guys do for love....when his $$ dried up, she kicked him to the curb. So, he's freaking out and confessed all. Now I need to help him straighten that mess out.

Wife's sister calls and leaves a drunken message. We don't associate anymore. Five years ago, as we set restraints on my oldest daughter and she rebelled, this sister involved herself by telling said daughter that if things at home were too rough, she could move in with them. We made it absolutely clear that they should not involve themselves. ( did I mention that they are crack addicts?) My 17 yr old daughter moved out and went to them. Long story short....our relationship with said daughter is now resolved but we have dropped our relationship with them. Now the sister is sad. Her husband has severe Hep C and is struggling with interferon. A mutual friend is dying of cancer. It's not that we need to forgive, it's really a matter of being tired. Don't need the bull shit!

My other daughter is driving herself too hard with college. She is almost breakdown material as the year is coming to a close.

My son and his on again, off again, girlfriend are here with the two kids. One is my son's. We love them both equally. Girlfriend has a car that is barely able to get from point A to point B. I find a car and offer to have her trade hers in and I'll pay for the car. She goes and looks at it and decides that it's not what she really wants. On her way home (35 miles) if her car dies, who's she gonnna call? If they tow her car, she is screwed if she can't pay the tow and drive it out. Ah!

My son has Bi Polar disorder. I managed to walk him through the SSI/SSDI process. He is 27 and lives at home. He has been in and out ( a long story). He is now getting medical and financial assistance. He works about 20 hrs a week. He was rather disgusted with the girlfriend. I know the car I offered is only an Escort...but it will carry her ass rather nicely. And for free!!!

My niece from No Cal calls. My sister (her Mom) and her husband divorced after 25 yrs in 1999. Her Dad remarried last summer. I met the new wife once, at my Mother's funeral in July 2003. Since all my siblings think of themselves as the only people that have ever lost a Mother, everyone has scattered like cockroaches when the lights are turned on. So, it turns out that my sister's ex's new wife just died of bladder cancer and the funeral was last saturday. Sad news. My sister should have called me. Good talking to the niece. She's a peach and is a No Cal transplant from New England with her So Cal husband. The conversation was a pleasant diversion from all the crap...even with the sad news....Then the wife (my wife that is)....slides into my lap to inform me in the middle of my pleasant conversation, that she fell into the tub. When a woman drinks like a man, sometimes that can happen! Her repeated interruptions and comments put a damper on continuing the conversation....
You place this kinda crap on top of my recently unemployed ass, and you wonder why I'm a little cranky? A little off the mark? I'm surprised I don't have nervous tics for Chrisakes!
AND.....I could go on!

All the world's a stage....................


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