Just a thought........aren't they all?

I have a funny way of talking. I have often said, when Jimmy Stuart talks, everyone thinks it is cute. When I talk that way, everyone wants to finish my sentences.
So, perhaps I would make a good character actor. I am beginning Part two of my book. Progress has been slow. Not that I lack the inspiration, I need sunshine. May began as very promissing. I even began getting up early and got busy early. I am a little worried about finding another full time job. Unemployment and competition for existing jobs are great. A girl told me the other day that she thought I was 40. I often get that. That's cool. But I am 50. I don't want to drive an hour to work anymore. I don't want to move. Perhaps, if I thought that my book would have a pay off, I'd work a little harder.
Over the course of my unemployment since January 8th, I have slipped up to 2olbs over my ideal weight. I need to be 180 - 185. I might as well be 100lbs over. I'm supposed to camp overnight in Vermont on Friday and enter the Ghia in a show on Sunday. They keep changing the forecast. Yesterday, the weekend was going to be a sunny 65 to 70. Now they say rain. Perhaps tomorrow they'll change it again. Bah-humshit. I'm gonna go find something to eat...


Henri Banks said…
Hi i think i know your situation
i´m unemployment since last year and sitting there in front of my pc getting fat to,now i realy figth against it and looking for some job
but its hard to find one here in germany its getting hardcore .
makin music and pics whole the time and also thousend blogs that get my buisy
Rowan said…
Could be worse...you could be like me and go from a svelte 120 lbs. to over 200 in just a few weeks....my doctor says I must be eating triple decker sandwhiches all day....nope, hardly eat at all in fact. I don't diet anymore, I don't care anymore....but, I can offer this advice, don't give up at 20lbs to lose, if I could have controlled it then (not even lost it) I wouldn't be the apathetic thing I am now.