Here come's the Sun

It was great to see the sun all ablaze this morning. Not for the same reason as some Taoist guys I know, mind you. They are developing their practice of sungazing. The practice has long been a documented Taoist practice. East Indians and some Native Americans have perfected the art as well. But, I digress. I do that a lot!
I need to get up early and get moving. I am in a degree of pain every day. I did come to a point where one Alleve a day kept it cool. Then I had that A- Fib attack last August and wound up in ICU for a couple of days. No more Alleve..If that's how you spell it. Not trying to do a product endorsement here. But it seems it reduces the effectivness of some other medications.
So, lately my legs feel like two stumps unless I'm moving. When I go to bed, it sucks bad. Might explain my mood lately. Might not. When the weather is better, it helps.
I posted a joke link on Bush. Thought it was pretty funny. I avoid politics on the blog due to my belief that if you're securely camped on either side you're anal. Just with that statement alone, the conservatives would say that it proves I'm a liberal and the liberals would say the conservatives have me right where they want me. I value the great American experiment that began in 1776. The miltia was formed to oppose the British. Made up of mostly farmers and trade workers, they left their only means of livlihood to join the fight. They were paid (occasionally) and the value of the Contenental conscript dropped several times after the war. You have to understand that economical survival depended on buying wares and seed on credit each spring. The crops in, farmers paid their debt and lived on the profit. When you go to war, and the new form of government declares you protected, you go. (sound familier?) After the war, in debt, with worthless currency, the same government helped take family farms. You see, with the war over, trade with Britain was restablished and money makes the world go round. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss? Wait, there's more!!!! But that's for another time. The argument of right vs left began right there. There are those who will always profit under any government or circumstances. They take up both sides of the aisles. Oh shit. There I go digressing again.