Bicycle! Bicycle! I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike.

The Buddha taught that the Noble Truth of life is, that life is dukkha; or most often translated as suffering. The definition is more akin to riding a bike with the wheels bent and wobbly. You pedal on, but it is unsatisfied effort. He taught that we are caught in a conflict between desire and aversion with a healthy mix of denial. As members of the human community, we are subject to pain and loss, old age and death, and we often live as though and react as though we are surprised and shocked by illness, loss, and old age and death.
The Buddha went on to lay out an eightfold path to enable us to transcend dukkha and ride our bikes through life smoothly.


justrose said…
great pictures and sage wisdom.
alix said…
i really had better get to studying.
Tim said…
Thanks, Rose. Cruising the early a.m. reallys gets the wisdom flowing. Too bad I wasn't more applicable regarding the eightfold path. Perhaps I would be less a curmudgeon.
Alix - need a study partner?