In Taoism, the wind disperses energy. It is recommended that you do not practice Chi Gung or energy meditations when it is windy outside. I have observed, within me, that when it is very windy my mind is drawn to time.
Last night we had wind gust up to fifty mph. My mind thought of a time sixty years ago when my father would have been at Bad Orb in Germany as a POW. My mother would have been a switchboard operator and mail person and lived at the State Mental Hospital. Jimi Hendrix would be 4 months old.
I think of the fears, the frustrations, the highs and lows of their lives. Where are they now? What a waste of time it is to be a slave to negative mind states. How often we wallow like a pig in the mud, covered in our own stink of shitty emotions.
If we had a choice (and I believe we do) and knowing that out lives are short (and they are) why do we live more than half our lives caught up in shitafuckapiss. (an adjective used to describe total frustration)


sattva said…
I know that it seems strange, but i love the wind. It always makes me feel more alive.

As for the idea that time is short. I couldn't agree more, and yet, it is still hard to put forth a strong effort for awakening, and ihave way too much sh*taf*ckapiss! LOL