A Little.....

Last night I saw the Celtic band Solas. They are incredibly talented and Deirdre's lead vocals stay with you for days later. It was a great show.
So...it's amazing to observe the mind. In the midst of this show, this explosion of talent, what comes through my head? How little talented I am.
I've never mastered anything.
I've owned guitars for years. Once I got to play fairly well. Now, I detest my only remaining 12 string propped in the corner because I never developed the talent.
I never followed through on my Tai Chi.
I once became fairly educated in the ways of holistic health.
And the list is much longer, I assure you.
Little Big Man was a favorite book (and movie) of mine. I think it so, because the character of Jack Crabbe lived in short spurts in different stages.
His family was killed by Indians and he and his sister were adopted into the tribe. He was an Indian.
Later, he was rescued by whites and readopted into a Christian family. He was a Christian.
Then he became the town drunk. He was a drunk.
Then he was straightened out by Wild Bill Hicock. He became a gunfighter.
Then he returned to the Indians and met Custer. He became a scout for Custer.
Custer, who was always right, refused to listen to his warnings to "not go in there". We all know what happened after that. The story goes on in that way..
Oh, how I can relate to Ol' Jack Crabbe!!!


Anonymous said…
Good day sir!
Have we become a curmudgeon?
Look on the bright side, you've mastered the talent of mediocrity
:) Rick
Tim said…
Well, Rick....I don't think so. As the post says, A little rain must fall. In this period of unemployment and winter blahs, I often do find these kinds of thoughts wafting through the chimney of my mind. Sometimes I stop and examine them. Perhaps, sometimes I look too close and too long!