Tales of great winters past.....

As a kid, we had a few large hills with which to whittle way the hours sledding. Being kids, you could get a little bored, so you looked for ways to spice it up. A snowball fight, jumping in the way of a fast moving sled....you get the drill.
Since this area doubled as place to drive old unregistered cars for teens to young to get their license but provided a place to drive like madmen, their were cars parts lying about. We were lucky enough to find the hood from an old Ford that waxed up rather nicely. As a bonus, you could fit about ten or more kids (depending on how high you wanted to stack them) and go for broke down the hill.
The hills saw a reasonable amount of casualties too. One guy ran his sled down the hill into a parked junk car and rammed his head into the rim of the wheel. (Ouch!) One guy tried his hand at skiing and broke his leg in two places. (more ouch!) I ran headfirst into a tree. (the sled, not my head) and rolled down to the bottom of the hill only to open my eyes at the straightrunner sled coming down the hill after me (backwards, mind you) until it hit like a dagger into my upper thigh. (blood in the snow looks kind of cool)
Things aren't quite as exciting now, Gonna snow hard today and my personal weatherman (see link) says we will have one last hurrah a week from now.
Gonna take the grandaughter out in the snow. To her, its the best thing going. And that is a-okay with me!


ldarkldarkldark said…
I love the snow. Though alot of people I know don't like it just cause they hate driving in it. My dad used to tell me about times when he was little, him and some other kids would get big boxes and slide down the hills on the cardboard. Worked just as good as a sled and was cheap.