Things Spiritual

For as long back as I can remember I have been drawn to things of spiritual value. Perhaps it was because I lived across the street from the Baptist minister's parsonage. Perhaps it was because I was forced to go to church every Sunday. That in itself was not all that unusual. All the neighborhood were forced to attend whether Baptist, Catholic, or etc...
As a young teen, I developed agorophobia. I was horribly limited. One night, in an extreme state of high anxiety, I did all I knew to do. I stood before the church and asked God for help. In all truth, the anxiety began to abate. Although still limited in many ways (and well hidden) One night, a few years later, I had a dream that I stood small and alone on some great expanse of flats. Lined up on either side were tall, Roman dressed soldiers. A large, deep voice spoke in an unintelligible language that I somehow understood. It said, "You have a work to do for Jesus Christ." I awoke with a racing heart and pondered it's meaning.
Soon thereafter, I was fully converted to Christianity, having a truely profound "born again" experience. With an open heart and mind, I began to seek God in prayer, fasting, and in the study of the Bible. I could write volumes on this experience!
So, how is it that you now declare yourself a Taoist, I am asked?
I can only explain in the form of an analogy. All spiritual experience is likened to a vehicle. On our journey, we take planes, trains, boats, automobiles. We don't strap the vehicle onto our back and carry it with us after we have completed that leg of our journey, do we?
So, in truth, I only use the description, Taoist, as a form of communication between you and I. I may say, "I'm a New Englander", but that does not summarize the whole of my being, does it?
Well, this is more of a rant against labels than an exposure of who I see myself to be. So, give me a break!!!!!!