Enduring Faith

In the late 70's, I was attending a Christian meeting and stepped outside to breathe in some nice cool late autumn night air. A member of the community, Brother James, came out to locate me and heard a dog howling in the distance. "Brother Tim," he asked, "I thought that perhaps that was you howling at the moon." This was stated in all seriousness as I had been questioning. Questioning, you see, is often discouraged in tight knit authoritarian groups. It is often based on their rationalization of motive and their own arrogance. You can see it often in politics and religion.
Years ago, I spent many hours in sincere prayer and fasting. I did everything I could do to submit myself to the will of God and hear his plan for me. As I questioned myself, my actions, my motives, I became aware that my sincerity was not always shared with those that were proclaimed as my teachers, my leaders.
Taoism & Buddhism reflected many of the same morals within Christianity. Buddha stated, "Do not concern myself with what others do or do not do, but to concern myself with what I do or do not do." In time, I began to realize that self improvement helped to improve the world.
Enduring faith, has led me to this place. In self righteousness, the Christains would state that the Pagans, the Buddhists, the Taoists, etc...etc...etc...are being decieved. In the true fashion of paradox so often found with Taoism, I can see where the enduring faith does lie; and it is not within the Christian community as a whole.....and it saddens me.


ldarkldarkldark said…
I've walked away from the Christian community, because it scares me and it doesn't feel right. I've read about Wicca and alot of things mentioned are also things that I believe or feel are right. Some people still lecture me about Christanity (sorry about spelling) and it only scares me. I'm not the only one who seems to be scared of it either.