Everywhere you go throughout New England you will find these stone walls. You can walk through a deep patch of woods where the trees have grown up around the walls where one could never imagine that a field existed here or that the land thereabouts was onced farmed or constituted someone's boundry.
Have you ever tried to lift and sort rocks of these size? It is hard labour but was needed to enable the land to be hospitable. All that hard work to make the land hospitable and now it has been retaken by nature.
It sometimes makes me feel that things are never as important as we make them seem. There was a time that this provided for me a sense of liberation. Now I feel a sense of desperation. Knowing how all things come full circle I realize that, that too, is a fleeting feeling. The middle way or balance of the Yin & Yang of life is to rest in the comfort that everything is fleeting. Our emotional state, good or bad and everything inbetween. So just let it go. Know that if you struggle it will come to the same end as if you were happy. So, what feels better.
Choose peace. Happiness. Compassion.