Spring Equinox and the Full Moon

Regardless of what anybody says, Meditation is a vital part of Taoism. It is the central Pillar of Taoist practice and without meditation the other Taosit arts are empty vessels. (Midaughter)
On March 20th (approx 7:30 am est U.S.) and on March 25th (approx 4 pm est US) provides two excellent periods to increase our internal energy (Chi) and thus improve our energy, health & clarity of mind. March 20th is the Spring Equinox and the 25th is the full moon.
I invite you to try this very simple exercise. If you can, practice a few times before the equinox or full moon for a few times each day. You can sit comfortably inside or out, in a chair or on a pillow. Be certain that you will not be disturbed. Sitting erect, but relaxed, close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and slowly several times, then let your breathe go natural. Don't force or control it. Just watch it for a few minute. Once relaxed, bring an event or a person before your mind's eye. Someone or some event that brings a huge grin to your face. Search for that which puts a smile on your face. Now, observe the smile. How it warms your face. How your eyes feel. How it elevates your mood. Notice this energy planted there on your face. The energy and warmth of the smile. Now envision that energy as a light, a feeling, whatever makes sense to you. Have the energy move from your face on down slowly down your throat, down your chest, and have it end just behind and below your navel (Dan Tian). Have this energy circulate as an orb counter clockwise and clockwise for several minutes. After a short period of time (when you feel that it is time) refocus you mind on your breath. After several minutes (when you feel that it is time) open your eyes and just sit for a while in the quiet. Do not follow up this meditation with loud sounds, exercise or activity. Just let the energy and quietness take hold for awhile.
Please let me know of your success


ldarkldarkldark said…
I have tried meditation alot of times, but for some reason I can't get my mind to shut up. It really is a sad situation, but one of these days it might calm down or so.