A woodpecker knocked a hole in search of bugs while a lone goose flew over. The heat of the sun battled the cool of the evening before making a light jacket possible.
My only day off, I drove through town and towards the home of an old friend. A young bull moose with velvet spikes meandered through a farmer's field. I stopped and took a picture but the zoom on the camera does not reach beyond thirty yards.
We had arranged to meet and burn a pile of brush and stumps, have a few beers and just catch up. I havn't seen Chris or Smitty since last years burn. Chris tells me that he's exploring Buddhist meditation. Things are well with Smitty although his wife was just laid off. Several years ago she battled cancer but has been in remission for over five years now. Roger and Jon and I are good friends. I've known Jon since we were freshman in High school. Jon's wife has been on dialysis for about a year. Roger's wife is the best match for a kidney transplant donor. It was a go for May. It has now been put on hold due to some unforseen difficulties.
We had some beers and tended the burn. Rode the four wheeler about. It was a fine day off.


Loralee Choate said…
GOOD! You deserve some fun. I think fun with old friends is the best.

P.S. Four wheeling rocks.
cape said…
friendships with members of the same sex are so important. and they change as life and time goes on. i'm glad you had that sense of male companionship on your day off. i hope the kidney transplant is a go real soon too. my mom's neighbour just died from kidney failure.