The body betrays......Aegroto, dum anima est, spes esse dicitur

I can recall hearing the story of the trials and tribulations that a man underwent when he decided to "turn his back on God". You see, I was pursuing a position within the Christian ministry. There was a Full Gospel Businessman's Breakfast at a hotel in mid state Vermont. I was present with the Evangelist as I was her principle driver. They covered the usual topics; being a businessman and a Christian. They discussed a new billboard campaign designed to tell people about Jesus. Then they discussed "those people" that have backslidden and are no longer in the fold. There were stories of God's loving discipline; of how people through illness and injury returned to God. A Man lost an arm; another, his family; and another, his business.
As one who never kept an aspirin in the house, by the time my forth child was born in 1986, I had severely injured my back and spent the next six years digging myself out of disability and near financial ruin. This injury has matriculated into the higher education of "the school of hard knocks".
As one who now views his time within the halls of Christianity as being profitable, as a canoe is held as profitable, but set aside once the river has been crossed - do you think God is trying to tell me something?