Highland Games

The season is underway. So many people has commented on the picture with the bagpipes. My twin? Cuz its not me. But if I were to wear full regalia, this would be what I would look like...sans the pipes, o' course.
The guy with the stein waving in the air is me - taken from the local newspaper while attending a German Bier fest. (when in Germany, do as the Germans do).
This years excursions appear few from where I sit right now. But good news! I am picking up several truck loads of Hemlock, all dried and seasoned. And you know what that means. My famous back yard fires. Good food, conversation, music...a crackling fire. I recently met an older gentleman who used to play with Johnny Cash and several others throughout his career. He loves to socialize and whip out his guitar. He will come and play a wide range of tunes, both electric and non, just for the opportunity to play. He would join in with the good eats and etc....and of course, we'd pass the hat. Sounds like fun.
I have an old fiddler champion who has offered to do the same. That would be pretty cool too but he loves the Lady. I don't worry about the Lady, I worry about him. Did I tell you that the Lady is an exceptional bones player? http://www.rhythmbones.com/
I keep telling the Lady, that if I win the big ticket (yeah, I play a few times a year) I'm gonna throw a big party and invite my blogger friends. Thats a visual! I can't name the names that come to mind because I don't want anyone to feel left out....But, Damn! Rubik, rowhouse, 91 ghost, cape & devile, and EEE GOD, transience, and wonderland (if I can find her) and rowan...we'd really mix it up with Zeteticus and punk rock mommy and butterfly...Man, that would be cool..................


Loralee Choate said…
My dream is to attend Highland Games and I have not as YET.

The description of the fire, food, music and friends sounds too wonderful. I love the firepit in my backyard.

And the pipes! Ye GODS, my favorite instrument. I wanted my husband to wear a kilt at our wedding, but he said, NO. Bastard!
I DID get a piper though, so I was happy enough!

I love the picture of the stein!
Tim said…
O Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
From glen to glen and down the mountainside
The summer's gone and all the roses falling
'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bide.
The pipes sound like the cosmic mother calling my name.......
Rowan said…
that party (both actually - the campfire and the blog one) sound fantastic...if you ever do have a party for your blog friends....count me in!
justrose said…
that would be awesome. hope all is well. did you ever get my email? yahoo is such a pain sometimes, so you may not have gotten it at all ...
transience said…
i would SO come. you look damn fantastic, tim! wow.
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll report on this weekend's events when I get the pictures together. Love the stein. I brought back a bottle of heather flavored home brew which I drank first unloading the car.

Our next event is this coming weekend in Savannah, so I just rearranged the van a bit trying to leave everything I could packed for a quick getaway! We always take a few extra days on Tybee Island. I have a Scots ancestory but a Carribean soul!
Anonymous said…
did i hear my name?
ghostie alix