I am attracted to smiles and laughter.
When I see your smile,
I feel energized.
Laughter spreads warmth throughout my body.

Perhaps this is why I always found the Inner Smile meditation exercise so healing.

Sit upright in a chair with your back away from the back of the chair.
Place your feet about a foot apart with you feet flat on the floor.
Rotate your body gently from this position until you feel balanced in the chair.
Place the palm of your hands face down just above your knees.
Place the tip of your tongue just behind your top teeth.
Take a deep cleansing breath and exhale fully. Two times.
Let your breath follow its normal rhythm.
Think a thought that brings a big smile to your face...or just smile until you feel the warmth of it upon your face.
Concentrate on the smile; the warmth, the energy upon your face.
With your mind, draw this warmth down from your face into your throat. Continue to slowly move this energy down your chest, then into the point just below your navel. Allow it to rest there for a few moments. Then push it down through the genital area to rest in the perineum. Draw it up your spine into the base of your skull. draw it over the crown of the head, to your third eye, and back to your face and smile.
Remember...slow. let your breath be natural....as it is...keep the tip of your tongue lightly touching behind your top teeth.


Rowan said…
Thanks for this! Can you offer a some more of these meditational exercizes on here? I am at work, my back is killing me after last nights adjustment, I am exhausted and after doing this (it seemed to take a real long time to "bring my smile" into my back) is this because it is in pain? Anyway, I feel more awake now and I experienced a heady feeling, a dizziness, sorta like falling in love....is this what is supposed to happen?
Loralee Choate said…
Smiling and laughter are both natural pain killers. It is one reason I try to focus on things that make me laugh and smile!

I really like this exercise, Tim. It is fairly similar to ones that I use in singing, except I prefer the focus on SMILING!

I am with Rowan...do you have anymore???

Tim said…
Rowan and Loralee...Yes, I have more. This is a Taoist healing meditation. You should play with it for a while before I show you another.
Rowan...in time, you will find places where the energy likes to linger and places where it will struggle to get through. In those hard places, concentrate on having the energy circulate in that area.
Loralee - LOL - I feel giddy that you know October Project. They have reassembled as November Project.