Gods created the blackest night
and some met the new day,
covered with a shroud.

Breathing was labored,
touch was numbed,
and sight was diminished.

Itch and scratch,
an effort to remove.

Worn with holes
and evidence of struggle,
nothing could remove
the shroud of Gods,
from the darkest day.

One laid down
and died.
The shroud in time
through time

In death,
he moved on.
In death, he moved on.


De.vile said…
Redefining death not the end?
Rowan said…
not sure I understand this one, sorry, I'm dumb...can u explain for me?
Loralee Choate said…
Thanks Rowan. I usually feel very out of my depth...Glad someone else said that first!
Rowan said…
*giggle* good, it's not often I'm willing to admit I don't know anything, but when I am 100% lost, what else can I do?
steve said…
like this one