I saw the Sun today, Oh Boy!!!

To say that I have S.A.D.D. is an understatement. Not that I don't suffer from more depression than the average Joe, but Holy Bejesus...................
When I was young, anxiety would begin to blossom around Veteran's day and bitch slap me until Spring. As I began to age and understand anxiety, its mechanics and how it operates, depression moved in to take its place.
Sometimes, when you know something is coming, you can prepare for it. But depression really isn't something you can prepare for. And when you're in it, its hard to get out until its time to get out. Knowing the times and the seasons are important to me. I watch and plan according to the phases of the moon. Likewise, from Beltane to Samhain, I find many more days of equilibriam. One great sign of the glory days of summer is when the "Lil Hottie" is taken out of storage.
Did that this morning.
Changed the accelerator pump and made few adjustments. Havn't washed her yet.
I feel better already.


Zanne said…
...... 10,000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire.

Tim, you're killing me with a pic of that beautiful '73 Ghia. I'm hunting online to replace the one that got away. I'm glad to know that you've recognized the problem and found a way to work around it. Thanks again for the Ghia post.
- suzanne in rural Illinois
transience said…
mmm, what a ride. and at least you see the light at the end of the tunnel. true zen, baby. true zen.
Loralee Choate said…
That car is just YUMMY!!!!

I would write more, but I am in a time crunch...a lot of people have warned me that my anxiety may very well mutate into depression. I've been depressed in my life, but the majority is anxiety. It turning is a scary thought indeed.
Larry said…
Tim, I know something about depression and propose here to share:

My mother was what in those days they called a manic-depressive. Suffered all her life. Died, possibly of an overdose of Phenobarb at 67.

I had most of her genes. Big mood swing. Days of elation followed by terrible letdowns. A rocky life.

I met God, believed in his love, that's all (no problems with fundies; my father was a good preacher, never preached on hell; he knew better).

I went through the usual rebellious years, with those awful mood swings. Then at 30 I came to experience God's love for me.

Mental hygiene: plenty of exercise followed by good sleep. Regular habits. The depression receded and disappeared.

At 80 you might say I just aged out. You will too if you make it.

Good luck.

You don't need to worry about fundies; just choose new friends.

Blessings to you.
Judith said…
Well, it looks like you've put a lot of love into the car.