A vampire is the Archetype of an old soul.
Having lived throughout many lifetimes,
he lives the darkened life of a hungry ghost,
a belly too large to be satisfied,
a mouth too small to receive sustenance.

A spin, a swing of the blade.To kill, to fight to live.
The act of battle has the old soul feeling alive.
The mystery of a new lover,
her tender kiss, breathing her breath,
her smell, her taste, drawn
deep into his lungs and being;
brings life to an old soul.

Children, new life. Beginnings. Spring. Hope.
Autumn is the season of the old soul.
Winter's approach hung as a carrot
on the end of a stick, bittersweet.
Hanging there beyond reach
for one who knows hunger
all too well, while only carrots there are to eat.

Will this life bring realization,
that he may escape the wheel of Samsara?
having been born and then having died.
To be reborn according to his deeds.
Like Sisyphus, all is labor and endless tasks.


Rowan said…
nice, this echos a lot of my own thoughts that bump around in my brain much of the time.