Funeral march........

Not that I plan on it anytime too soon. I want the cheapest casket that one can buy. Preferably, a pine box. I want to be waked at home. Prop me in the corner. Not sure if the laws of Massachusetts will allow it. The most liberal state in the union and they make fucked up laws outlawing such simple requests. Open bar, Buddhist priests, a Shaman or two thrown in. I want the Ghia to be raffled off. Say, 1,000 tickets @ $50 a piece. I want the proceeds to go to Ahisma Haven
I want my pipe to go to my youngest daughter. I want my collection of Buddhas to go to my eldest son. All but the porcelin Quan Yin. That should go to My books to Jataka. My middle son can have all my tools that the Lady doesn't want. Thats if she is still with us. I always say that she will go first. She says we're going together. (always was a dreamer!) My Mala beads to Sara and her daughter.
At what point does one consider making a will?
Before my Mother died, she expressed her desire that her kids always remain close. She echoed her wish also in her will. By the time her house was sold and the money distributed among the 4 children, no one was talking to one another. My older brother, the executor of the will, was pissed at the world. My older sister, thought that he should give the responsibility over to her. My younger sister cleaned out the house a day after the funeral and ran back home to NY. I tried to mediate and got shat on by the two older and prosletizing from my younger Christian sister. Two years later and not much has changed. The Christian sister wants me to "reach out" to the other two. What for? I was never angry, just disappointed. I'm always the mediator, the peace keeper. Grow up, people! You are all adults now! Besides, I don't need the drama. Don't need psychic vampires draining my energy.
Wow....thanks! I feel better now...but, I digress.
I just want a happy funeral with as little stress as possible on those I leave behind. My mother thought it possible. Not sure it is possible.


Rowan said…
Sounds like a decent plan, i was told your funeral and your will should be planned shortly after marriage and definately if you have children, but yours are adults now, so I don't know if the same rules apply. Personally, though I realize the necessity, I am procrastinating worrying about my send off needs.
milktea said…
i actually made a blog entry in my old blog about my last few wishes in case i'd die. but yours sounds much more cool.
transience said…
i just want to be cremated. and my organs donated. wow, that rhymed.