This is my bud Roger with his very rare 1969 Plymouth Fury III convertable w/ air conditioning holding a winners plaque. This guy cracks me up. I've had a few people tell me that he looks like Gary Busey. Last year, while attending a large event, we were approached by a guy who told him that he needed to start making movies again because every movie that he has been in was great. So, perhaps it's true!
Roger served his country in Vietnam as a Marine in the late 60's when we were mired in the thick of things. Pulling stories out of him is very difficult. Was so true of my cousin Bobby as well. When Bobby died in his mid fifties, it was said that he died from Vietnam. Also true of my ex-POW father. My father was in Bad Orb, Germany. Someone stole something and the German guards led my father and a host of others to kneel before a ditch. A gun was placed to their heads in an effort to have one confess. The story always ended there.
Roger.....good guy!


Rowan said…
Wow, I hate to imagine what happened AFTER he ended the story....*shudders*