La pleurnicherie ne vous va pas bien !

I hope that you have been able to bear with me. Life has been forever a birthing process for me and perhaps I tend to whine from time to time. I blame it on being human. Maybe you see it differently. I am all ears. I live, I learn, I listen. I'll be completely honost with life sucks! I cannot abandon those around me that depend on me. Perhaps there is a little codependency going on here but I can't see it clearly. My salvation is my practice, no matter how sporatic it becomes. Battles with lonliness serve two puposes. On one hand it draws me deeper into awareness but on the other it sometimes makes me feel less human. Others around me, my peers, as there are not enough thereabouts that share my passion for inner cultivation, live their lives differently than I. Solitude is my constant aquaintance and it often makes me sad.

私達は私達によってが私達によってが苦しむことから自由である幸せな5 月である健康な5 月であるように!


alix said…
hey, that facing forward was how lil bit was born! no WONDER it hurt!

mon ami, you are not alone, yet you are. we are in similar phases, but we slog solitaire.

i wish you all the best with the job search. it's not all you are though, and i know that's cold comfort in such desperate times, i try to remember that above all.

btw, re: the blog. i'm not out, just down. i think.
Rowan said…
Both my kids were born facing the wrong way. Maybe that's a sign, you, alix and I, we're all having birthing pains.