An open my Daughter

I am pro choice and anti abortion. In other words, I could not choose for myself (if it were possible) to have an abortion, but I believe that it is the right of every woman to be able to make that choice for herself.
When my eldest daughter came to me and told me of her pregnancy, I thought that I had many justifiable reasons to tell her, "You would be better off getting an abortion."

To my daughter,
I love you. You are a better Mother than I ever thought possible. You have been so responsible and mature and Brielle is the greatest joy. Although you understand the reasons for me making such a statement, it was wrong. I am sorry.
You have had to make several hard choices and have sacrificed to give her your best. I am proud of you.



transience said…
we all have our reasons behind the things we say. but it takes a big man to apologize and an even bigger one to commend another's choices when they are, themselves, hard for him to make. *hugs*
Tim said…
Thank you....Sincerely
alix said…
darn kids. they grow us right up, don't they? ;o)

on a serious note, that was a mighty letter to read. good dad.
Rowan said…
wow, I wish my dad had been able to say something similar to me at some point. You are a bigger man than he.