Little hottie!!!

Won again!!!!!! Not that trophies are important...but it is fun to get them. This summer we recieved two like this for "Cruiser of the Week". It is picked by the sponser of the week. The first was given to us from the Veteran's Outreach and the second from Foreign Auto Parts. Last night there were over 100 cars, so we were caught completely off guard. This year we won 1st place for Karmann Ghia at the VW show in Shrewbury, MA and 2nd place in Mt Holly, VT. We also won a plaque for "Best Cruiser" this summer.
I'm not a trophy whore...really!!!!!! I'm not!


transience said…
woo! that's a hefty piece of work. congrats!
Rowan said…
whoah! now it is just getting rediculous! you mihgt as well, walk in, ask where your trophy is at, and leave! You just KNOW you'll at least place right?
alix said…
i'd like to see you win some booty like you did last year...was it heating oil...?