I've dog shit on my shoes. It stinks ! I have no ambition to scrape it off. I have been offered to call the car dealer a mile up the road to interview for a job on Monday. Do you think that there is any correlation?
I'm sick of business. Money changing hands. Company politics. Will working as a car salesman make me feel any better? Will I smile and greet everyone all day long and kick the dog when I get home?
The funny thing is, I have a high degree of personal integrity. I would be the most honest car salesmen that you would find. I am always true to myself. I think that the customer deserves good service, respect, patience. Money is not easy come, easy go. So, perhaps this job would be good. I'm so damned indecisive these days, who the fuck knows?
Well, I'm gonna kick the shoes off onto the porch. Maybe I'll find a stick and scrape tomorrow. Maybe I'll put on a different pair of shoes. No, wait. They have shit on them too.


alix said…
tao, something else fell through for us this week, too. i've been thinking of you, and am sending energy your way.

i feel exactly the same as you about $. there's got to be a better way. i wonder sometimes, is there a reckoning in the offing? gaia? god? what? are we setting ourselves up for the lessons? clarity...i beg for it nightly.
Tim said…
I know Alix....it's hard to reconcile all the internal shit that being out of a job brings to the surface when you see how much suffering there is going on in the world greater than what we are experiencing. But...truth is, we have a mortgage to pay, a family to take off, bills up the wazoo...can't help but worry.
Rowan said…
LOL! Cheer up pal, don't let yourself go all to shit, sorry, couldn't resist. Whatever will be will be, so try not to sweat it too much. I know, easier said than done.