What tha hell is that noise!!!

As sort of a continuation of the previous entry....only those that have trained in mindfulness may find the humor in this. Others may think, huh...weird!
I recall a story of this dude that wanted to meditate. He learned about the basics and determined, set off for a cabin in the woods. He arrived feeling quite at peace and confident that he would soon be meditating like a monk. The cabin, on a small mountain hillside, was surrounded by many trees and beheld a beautiful view from off the front porch. A mountain stream babbled beside the cabin and the weather was beautiful.
He lit some incense and placed his body into position. He began to concentrate on his breath as it slid into his nose on the inbreath and slid out on the outbreath. When his mind would wander, he would calmly bring his attention back to his breath. He continued on and on with his practice. In time, his attention was diverted by the sound of the brook just outside the window. The harder he tried to concentrate, the louder the brook became.
Running water, over stone after stone, began to sound like band music. Not marching band, but yeah, kind of like a high school band playing in a parade. He tried to return to his breath over and over but he could not shake that sound.
He decided to venture out and rearrange the stones thinking that perhaps, that would lessen the now irritating music.
Satisfied, he returned to his seat and settled in. Everything appeared fine and he began to watch his breath. In, out. In, out.
Soon the band began to appear. This time, it was marching tunes.
Da da da da dunt, da, dunt da....dunt da; dunt dunt, da dunt da dunt da dah......this went on for several day until he could no longer stand it.....
he packed up his gear and took up fishing.


steve said…
how hard he tried
Loralee Choate said…
:D Good Post!
De.vile said…
At least he stopped, Im glad. Some would turn that into another form of meditation. I mean after a few seconds even that sortae calms you out.