There are people whom we may occasionally meet in life that exude a radiance that attracts as a moth to a flame. I'm not talking about charisma or the cult of personality. It's the person with whom you feel most comfortable, at ease, unjudged. Your smile comes with ease. Their presence does not warrant thinking. You just are. And their presence leaves no trace. You don't linger in thought as though you have just left your lover. It is like the warmth of a fire. So noticed, as it warms you to the bone, but left at the hearth as you continue in your activity.
It was mostly his laugh, they would say. It was either a full belly laugh that seemed to be contagious or the breathless whistle of humor out of control.

They say that with some breeds of dog, they appear to age almost overnight. One day you awake and the dog is old and grey. Then you begin to notice the feebleness, the slowness of movement.

Such it was. Being human. Subject to frailties, disease. The stress of capitalism in the dog eat dog world.

Zen teaches, "Just Sit".

Knock, knock. Open the gateless gate. Yes, winter, spring, summer, fall, winter.......the only constant is change.

Leaving trace.....and the imprints themselves are beginning to smell.


Loralee Choate said…
This makes me miss someone intolerably.
cape said…
just sit? just sit? lol...LOL i'm so unzen right now. sitting feels like torture. i miss such people..the ones you write of so eloquently.
steve said…
several hours from here
the wilderness lakes and trails
provide quiet

one is simply asked
to leave no trace