Smiles and Well Wishes

Smiles and well wishes accompanied his decision to defend the land he loved but the blood of friends and of enemies all looks the same.
The shedding of one's armor does not lessen the weight.
The mediocre pissing and moaning of things so unimportant makes you want to squish their necks like an over-ripe zit.
A dull knife cuts at your soul and they continue to talk...and talk...and try to "understand".
You cannot understand because I have no way to tell you what I feel. I want to smash your face and I myself, cannot understand.
Parades, cheers! O how we love our soldiers.
Parades, cheers! O how we love our parades.
Parades, cheers! O how we love to cheer!
Just shut the fuck up! O how I love it when you just shut the fuck up! is one of many posts that I read by and about the military and their soldiers. This particular post, "Smile and Well Wishes" is perhaps better understood if I include a recent e-mail to William, the author of
"Nothing left to say".

Hey Bill.....hoped to get your attention. There is a great deal of frustration on my part. In a strange sense, it sometimes seems as though I have personally lived through the tribulations of being a discarded soldier; recognized and valued in times of war and quickly discounted in times of peace. Much of this I know, came from my Ex-POW father. Perhaps much of it is the result of being a child of the Vietnam era. Perhaps it is because my cousin went to Vietnam a healthy and well adjusted soldier and returned with PTSD before it was even listed in the DSM.
Whatever the case, although I am not personally affected by having our troops in Iraq ( and that is another whole conversation) I feel like a spider that knows something is caught in its web. I am disturbed by our presense there and it would seem that I am not allowed to have a voice because I did not (in this lifetime) serve.
Your "the ever after" and "drown" post gnawed at my gut and settled like a bad case of indigestion.
For some reason, when you did not post for some time, I was unsettled and just wanted some assurance from you that you were well. I hoped to hear from you and perhaps be updated on current events in the life of




91ghost said…
It does make one want to "squish their necks."