This has been a very interesting journey. I've known Christians from many denominations and varying levels of faith, from fundamentalists to mystics. I have tasted of many spiriual traditions. Poor health introduced me to Taoism. Taoism introduced me to Buddhism. I have met and continue friendships with witches from varied pagan traditions. I have seen prayer, meditation, talismans, herbs and tonics alter the human form and mind.
I have worked with Tai Chi and Chi Gung. I have worked with internal alchemy, microcosmic orbit and inner smile. I have meditated vippassana and loving kindness meditation.
But.....being human, I look like an angry monk to some, and very laid back to others. I look five to eight years younger to some and like an old man others. I suffer from musculoskeletal difficulties. I have asthma and diabetes. I know pain and shortness of breath. I've known excessive exercise.
I have fast for three days many times. I have fast for seven to ten days several times. I have fast for twenty one once for spiritual cultivation. My youth was a box of agoraphobia.......
Since everything is but an apparition, having nothing to do with good or bad, acceptance or rejection, one may well burst out in laughter. —Longchenpa(14th century Tibet)


anonymous said…
Christianity teaches what, Buddhism teaches how.
All suffering is from desire.
Desire is hurting oneself with what cannot bem want if you will.
If I want what I cannot have, it hurts me.
If I do not want what I cannot have, it does not exist and cannot hurt me.
Loralee Choate said…
Angry, NAH!
Old, NAH!
Deep. YES!
Interesting. Oh,yah!

capegirl said…
well i loved this SO MUCH tim. so wise was he. i could do with some 14th century tibet right now..and forever...
Anonymous said…