Incense filled the air. A swinging censor swirled with heavy scent about his head.

"Dominus illuminated mea. Dominus tecum."

Yes, death was near. His bowels had emptied and his stench proved itself worthy competition in the battle of smells that enveloped the room. Feeling more content than tired, he watched out the window for the birds of the morning. The cacophony of birds came without fail each day before sunrise. He waited for the symphony to begin.
A lone robin whistled its trademark sound while Jays argued announcing themselves. Crows began their trek flying from north to south shouting caws along their way. Soon, one could no longer distinguish one bird from the other as their sounds blended in unison.

"Gloria in excelsis deo - Gloria Patri." The presence of the priest meant little.

He noticed his sight begin to fade. With unknown clarity, he recognized that his hearing out paced his sight until sound and sight was no more. He watched, from a place unknown, his sense of smell drain away accompanied by his sense of taste and feel. His ability to have thoughts pooled as a roadside puddle from which a large crane drank until the pool was no more.
The crane outstretched the fingers of his long wings and jumped into the wind. He flew high towards a yellow cloud shaped like an elephant. Pushing through, the yellow sky turned to white and soon thereafter to red. The red turned a greyish blue and later back to white. The sky moved from white towards a milky white until suddenly, the sky blazed like ten million suns. Embraced by the light, the crane changed to vapor and formed a drop that fell from the heavens. The drop fell upon fertile ground and grew in the dark.
Growth continued as taste and feel soon took root. Sound accompanied taste and feel while the void provided warmth and nuture. Sound and feel were first to tell the tale of change. The rush of water fell about the ears as the light of ten million suns returned.
"Its a boy," the doctor stated matter of factly, holding him for the mother to see. "Its a boy. A son."


De.vile said…
Tennyson considered that for every death is a birth.

Babbage argues, however, that that condition would stagnate the population of the world. Approx. 1/4th of a person is born for one that dies
Tim said…
de.vile - this is no way indicates a belief on my part that this is the way of things. It is JUST a story.
I thought of the assigned colors of chakra and other metaphors in writing this little story.
I have no such belief. In fact, I have no belief at all.
alix said…
what speaks to me of the arrogance of humankind is the notion that all human deaths will result in human rebirths.

way cool story, though. :o)

hi tao.
i hope things have improved lately. i hope the magic of spring works its magic for you and those you love...
ghostie alix
Loralee Choate said…
Ehem...Timid moment.

A lot of things go over my head and I am out of my depth.

I really liked this. It took me awhile for the "Light to dawn". I wasn't really sure exactly what it was about..MY fault. I am horribly slow sometimes.

I wasn't going to say anything for just that reason. BUT...nah. For one, I come here in part to read stuff I haven't had a lot of exposure to. I like the layers. It really puts me outside familiar areas and I like it. Doesn't mean I don't feel like an idiot at times!

I also had to tell you that this story grabbed me from the start, the descriptions were gorgeous and I was touched, even before I figured it out.
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