I spent in excess of 6 hours sitting on a hard bench outside the main court room. Having worked within the mental health field and spending hours within the local police lock-up, you wittness a particular flavor to the whole scene.
My eldest son is a heroin addict. He has Bi-polar disorder. He is an insulin dependent ( As am I) diabetic. He was arrested (in his pajamas) after he was stopped by the police. His copilot is a known dealer. He was seen throwing bags of heroin on the ground in an attempt to seperate the class A substance from himself. My son's wallet was found wedged between the seats containing two bags. He was arrested and held over for arraignment.
He looked like hell. He looked like Casper with parkinsons. He is being held over for his court hearing to be held on March 23rd. It will not be fun. But it is just a part of his process. His addiction has been a full on chess match. The lies, the desperation, the hospitalizations. The threefold enemies, addiction, diabetes and bi polar present a formadable enemy.

I am glad that I am not a betting man....


Loralee Choate said…
Wow. I'm bipolar (Non-psychotic thank god and I was also dependant on Oxycontin for a period of 8 months (Leagally) Getting off was HELL on EARTH. I am fortunate to not have turned to Heroine. I think I would have if I had any idea how to obtain it.


I know this sounds horrific, but I have have a few CO friends...a lot of time jail can be a godsend because it forces regulation of meds and is sometimes the only detox that works because it is forced. Don't hate me for saying that...just trying to give any kind of glimmer of a silver lining.
steve said…
oh man. tim, i pray for your son. keep writing.
LouLou! said…
Kind thoughts are being sent your way. I have my own bipolar sibing here and - barring her taking ownership of the problem, I don't see us having a cakewalk any time soon. I hope your son can find the way to turn it around.
Anonymous said…
i hope for a dulling, if not ceasing, of his pain and yours. there is a visceral response here, and i will ask and ask and ask.
be well, tao. be strong.
ghostie alix