Compliments of NASA & Avellunau

Creation, according to Traditional Taoism can be explained as follows: -
Wu ChiAccording to Taoist cosmology, before the beginning of the manifested universe, there was a state of total emptiness. In this primordial state, nothing stirred. The relative concept of time did not apply to the primordial state, because there was nothing to measure time against. All was a void. The ancient Taoists gave it a name. It was called Wu Chi. Wu means absence, negation, nothingness. The Chi in Wu Chi (though it is spelled the same way in English), as the word that means life force is a totally different word in Chinese. The Chi in Wu Chi means "highest" or "ultimate". Wu Chi thus means "ultimate state of nothingness".(In the modern Chinese spelling you write for this Chi (energy): Ji, for the other Chi (ultimate), Qi.)
Tai Chi: The Primordial Yin and Yang.The Wu Chi stirred through some unknown impulse, perhaps a sudden curiosity, and this stirring created movement. The First moment of creation began. This movement created a different perspective within Wu Chi and also manifested Chi through the primordial polarity of stillness and movement, negative and positive, Yin and Yang. Chi can be called the conscious awareness of Wu Chi. The interplay of Yin and Yang is the essential expression Of Wu Chi. The Taoists named this process Tai Chi or "Supreme Ultimate". All the multiplicity of phenomena found in the universe, visible or invisible, are the results of Yin and Yang interaction.


capegirl said…
my yin and yang are not on speaking terms. thus my physical imbalance.
Little Dragon said…
Nice to see that science is coming round to our point of view. :-)))