Teach your children well............

In the beginning, acid was fun. Soon, choc mesc and orange sunshine grew into eight way and blotter acid and casualities quickly began to appear. Those that continued with its use became the jesters of the group as their thoughts and speech mimiced a bad Cheech and Chong movie.
As drug use began to become more diverse with the addition of coke, rocket fuel and opium,some just held fast to marijuana use while some returned to their parents liquid drug of choice The one clear goal shared by all was just getting fucked up.
By high school's end, G crashed his bicycle and died of head injuries while S crashed his Honda 175 into a tree and died on the spot. After a big house party where C won the full pot after a night of poker, turned up murdered two weeks later. W left the same party and crashed his vette never getting out of 2nd gear, also dying on the spot. P & H hit a tree killing O and leaving P with the brain of an eight year old. JM shot himself. SL also shot himself. P hung himself. J fell off a third story porch while tossing empty beer cases into the dumpster below. And somehow, MD seemed to survive it all.
His brain was cheese from so much acid and he fit the role of jester well. It appeared that death had made a wide sweep and that it was now finished.
Several years later MD's body was pulled bloated and unrecognizable from a small pond not too far from his home.
At a function almost fifteen years later, I encountered the brother in law of a friend who also suffered from years of acid use and was now on psychotropics to help stabilize his mood. He became teary and relayed to me the story of MD's demise. It seems that MD, the B in law, SE and another male, and a girl were fucked up; throwing rocks into the pond.
MD hit the girl with a rock by accident. In turn, they hit MD and threw him in the pond where he drowned.
SE died several years later sitting barside from his many years of self abuse. I'm not sure whatever happened to the rest of the crew........
I used to coach little league. My two sons were on the team. I would often spend time with them before bed each night and relay to them the dangers of drug abuse and irresponsible behaviors. I had many examples, both dead and alive from which to draw examples from. It appeared to sink in. It didn't!
My oldest son is a recovering heroin addict and the younger has been a drug dealer in town and a heavy cocaine user.
The Reagan years spawned the phrase, "Just say no." Now, it is, "Talk to your children. They will listen."
I did....They didn't....


Rowan said…
I am learning more and more that whatever they're telling ya to do these days: doesn't work! Some kids have to learn for themselves. Guess that's probably true for everyone. how did you find out about your children?

What are the signs to look for? Or were they open about it with you. BTW, could you tell me more about the early days of acid...I have no idea what choc meth is or orange sunshine, and I've ONLY tried blotter in my time....what were the old types like in comparison?
Tim said…
I recently heard someone say that they never knew that their kids would have their very own souls, fates, and destiny. I also feel as though, like my parents before me, did the very best job that I could. The result is what it is, I guess.
The details of my son's addictions are too much to speak of.
Acid, like marijuana, became more potent as time went on. What once was equal to one tab became "8" or "12" way, meaning that it was that much more potent. The blissful pot of yesterday seems to be of the past as well. Being wrecked seems more of an applicable term now than when I used it in my day.
capegirl said…
This is just my humble opinion but I think we could all benefit from learning healther ways to cope with our issues and emotional (and physical) pain. More holistic ways of living would perhaps preclude the use of drugs in many ways. I am not sure I understand the term 'recreational drug use'actually. Because if we felt 'free' and 'ok' we would not need drugs to have 'fun' with?
Rowan said…
hmmm. I see what you mean I think, I mean I haven't used anything for many many years, before my kids were born (I KNOW!!!) but it DID get to a point where I was so used to opium laced MJ, that the regular stuff wouldn't do it for me, no matter how much I smoked. So, yeah, I guess things do get stronger and stronger, and to thier way of thinking better. I don't know, I stopped even smoking pot because it made me extremely paranoid at the last and I would hallucinate (no shit! Weird huh) so, since it wasn't enjoyable, I quit (from being a hardcore user - 1/2 ounce a day). I read somewhere that prolonged, heavy use can cause strange side effects like the ones I described....funny how that happens huh?

capegirl: I agree! Now taht I am clean, I realize that I was just really into escapism at the time, running away from reality, which is NEVER cool. I hated life (not myself - god knows I was a narcissistic fool) at the time to the extent that being stoned made it better. Stupid I realize now.