The only constant is

Regardless of arguments
we have had
with friends or enemies,
the ecstacy of love,
the pain of tragedy;
time passes.
The moon waxes, wanes,
and waxes once again.
The seasons change,
the suns rises and sets again.
We are witnesses to birth
and to death,
time passes.

So why do we cling
so tightly to that which
is never the same
moment to moment?
Enjoy, yes! Love, yes!
Grieve, yes!
Say yes to change
because time passes.


capegirl said…
Clinging to time...? I don't know why we do that. Perhaps the passing of time is a concept that changes too, as we get older and run out of it...and in so doing get "more" of it?
transience said…
clinging to moments, maybe. time is nothing without moments.
Rowan said…
This is very true.
Why are we inately unable to readily accept change?
milktea said…
because people are so attached with the things they like.

love this.. very zen.