1st Hmmmmmm - 2nd Hmmmmmmmmmm - 3rd Hmmmmmmmmm
I had listened to the car shift gears too many times to count. I congratulated myself for getting the timing down so accurately. His change and his keys would jingle as he headed down the stairs each morning at 4:30 a.m. Fifteen minutes later he was in his car and heading off to work. 1st - 2nd - 3rd.
I wondered who this man was. Aloof and distant except when he needed to assert himself as the disciplinarian, he never missed a day of work. He often worked two jobs. He had his own chair before the t.v. that no one could sit in when he was home.
A WWII P.O.W. he had a few friends with whom he would go to the VFW or the American Legion with. Most of his leisure time was sitting alone in the basement on hot summer days. Watching t.v. Home repairs.
He was married going into the war. He divorced when he returned home to find that she had a baby that biologically couldn't possibly be his. A sister had also been murdered. His father was an alcoholic and was often hospitalized for depression.
He met my mother when she worked the switchboard and post office where they both worked. They were married in the main room of her parent's home.
The last 12 years of my father's life was filled with the pains of heart disease. As he lay dying, he said to my mother, "Helen. We had some good years, didn't we?"


Rowan said…
wow, you've led quite the life, or your family has at any rate.