To quote a respected Freemason at

Freemasonry is a system of morality, veiled in allegory, illustrated by symbols. Our Order is NOT a religion, but religious in character. It is a philosophy of ethical conduct, which imparts moral and social virtues and fosters Brotherly love. Its tenets have endured since man turned the first pages of civilization. They embody the understanding by which man can transcend ordinary experience and build "a house not made with hands" in harmony, with the Great Architect Of The Universe.

The Great Architect of the it God; call it Tao; call it what you will. In the mind's eye, it conjures up a visual, an understanding, a concept that is as vague as describing snow to a blind man in the mountains of Ecuador.

I have become sick of the stink of religion; no matter what form it takes. Although I have been schooled in Christianity, healed in Taoism and awakened in Buddhism, I am in need of a vehicle that will allow me to interlock the fingers of all three in the shape of palms pressed together, allowing me to bow in reverence to life; to the universe. To make peace with myself.

The world needs compassion. An embrace.

It all starts with me.


Loralee Choate said…
Lots of the religion I was raised in (Mormonism) has quite a bit of Freemasonry and association with it.
yes Tim I really do think it starts with you, and every one of us trying to make a change in the world by our willingness to expand in one sense and to leave behind what we think we have gained in another. I feel happy that you have a place where you can bring together all the elements of your spirituality.


Zeteticus said…
Have you taken a look at anthroposophy? It's pretty interesting too.

Tim said…
Sorry for your pain, Rubik.
The back and hips...not Mormonism!!
Mark....always benefit from your words.
Zetitcus, my old friend(?) You are always an outstanding read. What, are about three hundred years old? You are a freaking walking philosopher with a beard down to your knee. You sometimes freak me out!
Zeteticus said…
Tim, you are sage, a scholar and a gentleman.

Rowan said…
what about wicca?
Don Iannone said…
Tim...thanks for all this. Helps me understand the FreeMasons.