The big guy has taken his last tumble and America feels (?)

Balance has been very difficult for me. For longer than I wish to admit to. I find it most difficult to see our world deteriorate into a world of sheep and blind mice. I have been attempting to improve myself and only act as actions would dictate. In other words, I have not committed myself as a peace activist or to some endeavor that I'm not equipped for. I'm just trying to quietly find my place and prepare myself for any call to action or non-action that may arise.

Like what, you may ask? I do not know. I just don't want to be counted among those that do nothing if and when the call to do something should arise. But I am as equally prepared to do nothing. In moving with the Tao, something of which I have been far too self occupied to find the rhythm of such, there is a time to push forward, to pull back, or be still. I have been something of a gyrating, spasmodic; This Being Human...

There wasn't any link between terrorist activity and Iraq. And this is not new news. WMD inspectors didn't believe that WMD's existed. That Iraq was buying enriched uranium was quickly proven false. Much as Saddam calmly accepted his fate and approached the gallows without the aide of a hood, so do we calmly accept our fate and allow the killing of over 55,000 Iraq civilians and close to 3,000 American soldiers. But yet we seem to focus on so many things of such little importance.

Last year, over 25 million visited food banks. The richest 10% in this country owns almost 70% of the country's assets. It has been said that those with the most have the greatest responsibility of all. Yet, I hear the GOP, the home of the "Compassionate Conservatives" focus on either gay marriage of terrorism or the war in Iraq. Or on the "axis of evil" or some other such bad news. The home of "Less government" and I have never in my life experienced so much government in my life. Speak of helping those that have less and the talk show hosts screams about tax and spend Democrats, about people wanting to turn this God fearing beautiful country of ours into a socialist state.

My goal is to skip, dance, laugh and jump for glee. I want to skip and dance with you! Laugh, jump....such fun!!! But it is not time for that, I'm afraid.


Hillbilly Hotei said…
Shame on you ABC "News". Yeah, he was a shitty person, who did shitty things to get into power, did shitty things to stay in power, and did a shitty job raising his kids. Hmmm, why does that sound familiar, yet somehow closer to home?
Never-the-less, how dare you, ABC "News". You make a circus out of this death, while trying to convince us that somehow, the needless and ongoing death of untold tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children is all justified by bringing down this one guy. Sure, he was a rotten bastard and he did rotten things to his own people ... but at least they still had food, water, electricity and medical care when he was in charge ... and for the most part they weren't all living in a constant state of terror. Can't say that now.
And ABC "News", if you're going to tell the "truth", tell the whole truth, warts and all. In 1959, who trained him and provided him with weaponry for his failed assasination of General Qassim? In the lead up to the Iran-Iraq war, who provided him with ample supplies of artillery and all those chemical weapons to help defeat the new Islamic Fundamentalist government of Iran? Half "truths" are as bad as lies.
And I haven't even spoken of the outright lies which were used as the original justification for this mess.
Once again I'm left feeling neither bad or good about this. Just strangely numb.
Zeteticus said…
Excellent analysis, Hillbilly. I agree completely.