I digress, or - please be patient. Me, we, you, it are not done working on me.

Thank the heavens for the pain relief of alcohol. I really don't mean it; but I do.
I have been crutches material for about a week. It started with an infected toe. The Dr. used a laser to clean, purge and cauterize. Then I worked a day in the woods pulling out a half cord of fire wood in six foot pieces. I was reminded of the bread and fishes as the more I cut what I brought home, the pile seemed the same. Maybe I have a full cord. The local Mason lodge let me pull out as much as my pick up would hold for $10. The wood is such a blessing. My feet are now in spasm. The nerve from my spine, down into the big toe is inflamed. Since I work so hard at keeping my spine as limber as possible, the back injury manifests in other ways. Nerve damage gone awry.
The truth is, I need to loose 25Lbs. I am 214 and 5'11"". Not what one would regard as fat, mind you. But for me, my fighting weight is light heavy weight. 178 to 185 Lbs. But that was when I was young. 186 - 190 would be good for me. After my injury (old news) my mobility has been limited so the majority of my weight issues are limited to dietary. Truth is, I eat more carbs now than I ever have. The less money one earns, the more carbs you eat. This is the truth. More bread, more pasta, more cheap eats. Even when I eat hearty grain, el dante pasta, etc...it is a struggle.
Truth is, alcohol, pain meds, and etc...usually end up as being counter productive. Hope for the day when acupuncture and holistic meds are readily available.
Right now, it is 600mg of naproxen and five fingers of scotch!


Don Iannone said…
Tim...all the best to you and some of this sounds quite familar. Some times the road seems to have more guts and holes than smooth surface. Hang in there!
"James" said…
Ouchies. Wish I was around to help you haul that wood. :)

Nothing wrong with a little of the old dog hair now and then. We have a glass of wine with dinner every night. Just goes to show that the "desire" isn't bad in and of itself but rather it's the addiction or attachment--but you knew that already.

I was saying that more for myself...hehe. Speaking out loud (or typing out loud in this case) is a nasty habit of mine.

I understand the weight issue. I gained 60 POUNDS when I got on these brain meds. Ugh, but it's better then being borderline insane.

We don't have much money either so we eat a lot of carbs as well.

It's all about accepting change and impermanence I guess, eh?

I hope your toe gets to feeling better dear friend. I'm with you in spirit helping you along. ;)
Loralee Choate said…
Here we suffer in pain together. I'm on Percocet and flexeril and a steroid patch at the moment.

I'll probably have to have an MRI in a few weeks.

I am going to start yoga when I am up for it because I can't take it anymore. The little I've done of it felt really good on my back and mind.

I hope you feel better soon, my friend.
Rowan said…
damn, i hope you are feeling better by now....